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Name: Blue Dragon

Blade: Stainless Damascus, 170 layers, 98 x 25 x 3 mm

Handle: Handcarved antler, Tourquoise, Silber

Price: 650.-€

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Name: Custom OPINEL No 8. 

 Beautiful customized OPINEL folder

Blade: Stainless, 84 x 17 x 2 mm

Handle: Beautiful handcarved antler

Price: 195.-€

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Name: Eagle Dagger

Size: 262 mm

Blade: Polished 440C with filework, 154 x 4.8 x 24 mm

Handle: Stainless guard, Stone, Silver liner, beautiful handcarved stag horn

Price: 760.-€

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Name: Damascus Grizzly

Size: 186 mm

Blade: Beautiful damascus steel from Poul Strande, 96 x 4 x 24 mm

Handle: Hand carved stag horn, stone

Price: 785.-€

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Name: Big Black Brother

Size: 220 mm

Blade: Damascus,170 layers,       100 x 26 x 3,5 mm

Handle: Handcarved stabilized and black dyed Birch,
Brass,Fiber,Rosewood Handmade leather sheath

Price: 580.-€

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Name: White Cobra

Size: 180 mm

Blade: AEB - L Razor blade steel, 82 x 23 x 3,5 mm

Handle: Artisticly handcarved antler bar,Mammoth Ivory,Green fiber
Handmade leather sheath

Price: 745.-€