About me:

Already as a young boy, 4 or 5 years old, my father - a professional hunter - took me into his private hunting grounds in the south of Germany. This is why my name is "Hubertus" (The saint of hunting).
With 16 years old we left home whenever possible with our 50cc mopeds to explore the black forest and other areas in the south of Germany. While sleeping outside beside the fire I got the first look inside the world of useful knives. I learned first hand the importance of quality and balance for a good knife in daily use.
After many years of customizing Harley Davidson motorcycles in Germany, USA and Portugal, I was looking for a new challenge and found it in custom knive making. In this field I was able to let flow my ideas into new projects and different types of handcrafted items of art.

This is one of the reasons I am not going to create day by day the same design, with just a different handle material or just a small change in the blade.

I always love the challenge of different high quality materials and new designs. Mass production is an absolute no go for me!
I create my work on a high artistic level for all kind of fixed blade knives - as hunting or fishing, home cooking, for Michelin star chefs, for the lady's handbag as also one of a kind and on a very high art level different outstanding knives for art collectors world wide.
Please take a look in my "For Sale" section and take some time to go through the gallery to get a better understanding what I'm able to do for you.
You are always welcome to discuss your very own personal ideas with me - even if it's a more grazy design, I will do my best to fabricate it in a very professionally and artistic level for you,

Hubs - Algarveknives.