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Algarve Knives – Handmade Knives

home portraitTo me, a knife is more than simply a sharp object or a cutting tool. Artistry and patience in manufacturing it, the feel of it, when you hold it in your hand – haptic as well as balance –, the look of it, the versimilitude and artistry, all these things together were and still are a constant source of fascination for me, as far as hand-made knives are concerned. The energy being hammered into the red-hot steel when hand-crafting a really good knife, the soft lines and curves the fingers encounter touching the hilt…

The emotions, the fascination such a knife evokes even before it is used to cut, it’s very own soul, are motivating me as an artist and artisan to seek new levels of beauty, craftmanship and passion. If you feel the same, then we understand each other and you came to the right adress. And that’s exactly the reason why you won't find any CNC- or Copy- milling machines in my atelier.

I will do my very best to realize all your individual wishes and concepts in the best handmade way.
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